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Ground Almond Scrubby Body Butter Bar


This bar is the aroma of oatmeal, milk and honey with notes of orange vanilla and smells amazing. Exfoliating moisturizing butter bar is for massaging off dry flaky skin while keeping skin soft and moist to the touch. This bar is especially great in the winter months when skin is more prone to becoming extremely dry and rough. Enjoy the exfoliating and moisturizing effects of this special bar. There are no added dyes or coloring.

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Ingredients: Cocoa butter, shea butter, bees wax, avocado oil, ground almonds, ground rice, vanilla bean powder and fragrance.

Note: The top of the bar contains dark speckles due to the vanilla bean powder.

How to use: Rub all over clean wet body while you are in the shower. Rinse and towel dry then you are good to go! No extra moisturizing body butter or lotion needed after bathing.

No animal testing.

Size: Approx. 2.6 oz

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Weight 2.6 oz


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