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  • Pink Silver Bells Perfume Oils


    Made with fractionated coconut oil and 1/4 amount of jojoba oil for nourishment of the skin. Our perfume oil is light, quickly absorbed and long-lasting.

    Notes: Raspberries, Sweet Orange, Douglas Fir, Pomegranate, Clove, Vanilla, Woods, Tonka Beans
    Description: This is a very unique and additive Christmas holiday scent that is very warm and will warm your spirit! You will never want to be without this gorgeous fragrance!


  • Pink Silver Bells Sugar Whipped Soap


    Pink Silver Bells is a blend of sweet and warm notes of raspberries, sweet orange, Douglas fir, pomegranate, clove, vanilla, woods, and tonka beans to create complex  scent for the Christmas season.

    This moisturizing and exfoliating soap cleanser has a creamy, rich bubbly lather. Holds a scent wonderfully while making your skin feeling silky and soft.