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  • Black Drawing Salve


    This black drawing herbal salve is formulated to draw out impurities, poisons and toxins. It is recommended for poison ivy, allergic reactions on the skin, skin infections, bug bites, wasp stings, scrapes and scratches.The black color is activated from the charcoal powder, which pulls the toxins, poisons and other impurities from the skin.

    Everyone will benefit from having this black drawing salve as part of their first aid kit. Easy to use and made with only natural ingredients.

  • Blemish Control Treatment


    NEW FORMULA–Blemish Control Treatment contains beneficial plant and seed oils that help combat mild-to-moderate acne because of hormones and other factors.

  • Mega Natural Hair Growth & Repair Serum


    This unique hair and scalp oil will restore and hydrate delicate, slow growing, shedding, dry, color treated and damaged hair with our 100% natural and organic oil blend. The oil combinations in this formula will leave your hair smoother with more moisture, shine, and a beautiful glossy mane without weighing it down. This oil was formulated to stop excessive shedding and breakage while promoting regrowth and healthy beautiful hair. Pair with our Rosemary Neem Shampoo Bar to help stimulate hair growth.

  • Purple Olive Silk Curl Creme


    This is the best product to give your hair those curly ringlets without weighing your hair down or making it too greasy. Plus there are tons of nourishing ingredients, that will keep your hair healthy and help eliminate frizz. Oh, and do not forget the unforgettable fresh fragrance that will captivate you as well.

  • Turmeric Goats Milk Facial Soap


    Turmeric Goats Milk Facial Soap bar is a gentle and natural soap that is very beneficial for acne-prone skin, psoriasis, and uneven skin tones. Not only is this bar of soap nourishing to your skin, and it smells delightful.