Fragrances For The Home *


Achingly Sweet Orange Cream – orange sorbet, sticky marshmallows, and milk chocolate

Almond – sweet almond

Almond Biscotti – Italian biscotti, sweet almond

Amber Crush – amber, black cherry, white roses, vanilla, and musk

Antique Chocolate – chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, bergamot, patchouli, peach, amber, jasmine, and lime

Apricot & Honey – jasmine, lily of the valley, gardenia, creamy vanilla, and honey


Bakeology * – sweet potatoes, rum, brown sugar, marshmallow, nutmeg, cinnamon, and rich butter

Ballerina – apples, pears, bubble gum, lemon drops, marshmallow and jasmine

Bamboo & Lavender – bamboo, fresh citrus, mint, french lavender, and dark musk

Banana Cream – banana, vanilla

Basil Sage Mint – basil leaves, peppermint, clary sage, spring flowers, citrus, and soft musk

Belgian Dream – musk, vanilla, and cinnamon cookie

Belle Victorian – musk, yellow floral, citrus, fresh powder, woody, and amber

Black Cocoa – white chocolate, dark chocolate, blackberries, musk, jasmine, and fresh greens

Black Cherry – sweet dark cherry

Black Linen & Amber – fresh cotton, white blossoms, cashmere, amber, musk, and patchouli

Blue Lagoon – ocean mist, cyclamen petals, sea moss, sea salt, water mint, vetiver, and cedarwood

Bonfire Story – smoky woods, tobacco, rum, ginger, birch, citrus, and clove

Bora Bora – white musk, oak moss, carnations, lily of the valley, and hyacinth

Boy Bait – blueberries, pancakes, maple syrup, and whip cream

Bubble Gum – traditional sweet and juicy bubble gum

Butter Rum Crunch – buttered rum, brown sugar, orange, and cinnamon spice

Butterscotch Beer – butterscotch, whipped cream, marshmallow, and vanilla bean


Cake Batter – vanilla, cake batter, and sugar cane

Cake Fairy * – cake batter, vanilla beans, and brown sugar

Candied Apples – pomegranate, oak moss, candied applies, and ivy

Candy Corn – buttery vanilla, confectioners’ sugar, and sweet milk

Caramel Kiss – caramel

Caramel Latte – espresso, vanilla bean, caramel, and smoky incense

Caramel Popcorn – rich, buttery caramel

Cardamom & Vanilla – cardamom, vanilla, toasted marshmallow

Caribbean – coconut, sliced pineapples, and vanilla ice cream

Castaway – coconut, bananas, wood smoke, and ocean salt water

Chai Tea – tea leaves, rich spices, vanilla soy milk

Champagne – citrus, bergamot, floral blossom, fresh ginger, woody-twig, and white musk

Cherry Almond – black cherries, almonds

Cherry Blossom – Japanese cherry blossoms, mimosa flower petals, vanilla, tonka bean, and woods

Chocolate Amber – chocolate, butterscotch, amber blend, vanilla, and musk

Chocolate Coconut – chocolate, coconut

Chocolate Drizzle – chocolate on chocolate

Chocolate Mint – chocolate, peppermint, vanilla, and fudge

Chocolate Moon – chocolate, mandarin, vanilla, lemon, honeysuckle, white musk, coriander, and woods

Chocolate Patchouli – chocolate, earthy patchouli

Chocolate Truffle – sweet cocoa, vanilla bean, and fresh lavender

Christmas Cookie – gingerbread, churned butter, sugary sprinkles, and fresh milk

Citrus Drop – orange, lemon, lime, and coconut

Cleopatra – saffron, pimento berries, white pepper, patchouli, vanilla, and fresh floral

Coat of Pink Cashmere * – vanilla, pink berries, jasmine, sandalwood, amber, and cocoa butter

Coconut Berry – fresh coconut, berry mix

Coconut Cream – island coconut, vanilla bean, and churned butter

Coconut Lime – fresh coconut, lime

Coconut Milk & Peaches – sweet coconut milk, juicy peaches

Coffee Break * – roasted cocoa beans, salted caramel, and cream

Colombian Coffee – Columbian Arabica beans, rum, brandy, brown sugar, and cocoa beans

Cotton Candy – sweet, spun-sugar

Cozy Cottage * – cinnamon, caramel, honey, maple, vanilla, apple, and cider spice

Cranberry Orange – cranberry, orange, yuzu, cinnamon, and clove

Crazy Cute – strawberry, rosebuds

Crème Brûlée – coconut, peach, butter, glazed caramel, heavy cream, brown sugar, French vanilla, and maple sugar

Crème de Menthe – vanilla, spearmint leaves, and peppermint leaves

Crispy Rice Treats – marshmallow, vanilla, sugar, and melted butter

Cucumber & Melons – cucumbers, violets, and honeydew melons


Dark London – black cherry, rose, and jasmine

Dirty Gurl – earthy musk, grass, and eucalyptus

Divorce Papers * – roses, marigolds, violets and ginger

Dragons Blood – earthy, spice

Dragons Butter – sandalwood, jasmine, patchouli, vanilla bean, spice, nutmeg, and cocoa

Dragon’s Daughter – dragon’s blood, patchouli, musk, clove, vanilla, amber, myrrh, jasmine, and citrus


Earl Gray Tea – bergamot, tea leaves, rose hips, violet, dried lily, and black tea leaves

Easy Like Sunday Morning * – jasmine, lilac, peony, Egyptian musk, and French vanilla

Epic Cafe’ * – coffee, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, nutmeg and orange

Epiphany – tuberose, raspberry, lemon, honey, orchids, bergamot, vanilla, tonka bean, and oak moss)

Evening Romance – roses, marigolds, ginger, violet, and cherry


Fable – strawberries, pears, green apples, basil, geranium, fresh greenery, and oak

Faery Breath – copaiba balsam, vanilla, bergamot, jasmine, peach, and amber

Fantasy Pear – juicy pear, creamy vanilla

Filthy Cute * – pear, cotton candy, vanilla, cherry, and rose buds

Floral Pikaki – spices, white florals

Flower Petit Fours – lavender, vanilla, honey, and cake

Forest Berries – raspberries, blackberries, smoky vanilla, and musk

French Vanilla – vanilla bean

Fresh Laundry – clean linens

Fudge Brownie – chocolate fudge

Funnel Cake – fried dough, sugar, cinnamon, and butter


Gardenia No.1 – gardenia flower, white tea, vanilla, ginger, and white musk

Gardenia No.5 – gardenia flower, wild berries, jasmine, amber, vanilla, red currant, coconut, and musk

Gardenia No.9 – gardenia flower, juicy peach, sweet apricot, and white tea

Ginger Lime – ginger, lime

Gingermilk – hot ginger, spice, buttermilk, churned butter, and madagascar vanilla

Goin’ Coconuts * – coconuts, cocoa beans, buttercream, vanilla, amber, and lemon leaf

Going Bananas – fresh ripened banana

Goldie Dreadlocks – patchouli, vanilla bean, citrus, and fruity florals

Graceful – olibanum, patchouli, myrrh, vanilla, lilac, woodsy pine, and musk

Green Tea – Japanese green tea


Harvest Peach – simmering peaches, zucchini bread, autumn spices, butternut squash, and sweet pumpkin

Haunted Carousel – cotton candy, caramel, popcorn, candied apples, chocolate, funnel cake, and dragon’s blood

Hazelnut Latte – arabica coffee, hazelnut, and vanilla

Heather – red apple, white rose, lily, jasmine, and raspberries

High School Diploma * – strawberries, apples, pears, geranium, basil, oak, and greenery

Hippie Librarian * – lavender, patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, and violet

Hippy Girl – patchouli, cedar, and sandalwood

Honey Bee – sweet honey

Honey Almond – golden honey, buttery almond, bergamot, and coconut

Honeycomb – citrus, honey, toffee, coconut milk, peaches, and orange blossom

Honey Lavender – honey, lavender

Hot Orange Danish – sweet Danish, orange zest, and creamy frosting

Huckleberry Harvest – raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, grape, and peach


Iced Pineapple & Tangerine – pineapple, tangerine

Immortal – rugged leather, pipe smoke, amber, resin, and dark musk

Insane Vanilla – French vanilla, chestnuts, sweet candy, and vanilla bean


Jasmine Rose Petals – sweet jasmine, rose petals

Jelly Donuts & Licorice – jelly donut, black licorice


Lavender & Cocoa – lavender flowers, cocoa

Lavender Chamomile – lavender flowers, chamomile flowers

Lavender Vanilla – lavender flowers, vanilla

Lemon Cedarwood Amber – lemon, cedarwood, amber, lavender, sandalwood, coriander, bergamot, and musk

Lemon Coconut – lemon, coconut

Lemongrass Milk – lemongrass, coconut, and honey

Lemon Meringue – baked pie crust, vanilla meringue, lemon custard, and lemon zest

Lemon Sugar Cookies – lemon, butter cookie, and vanilla

Lettuce & Sweet Orange – fresh lettuce, and sweet orange

Lilac & Lilies – lilac bloom, lily of the valley flower

London Fog * – jasmine, ylang ylang, green citrus, and moss

Loopy Laura * – fruit loops


Magnolia Blossom – magnolia, grapefruit, mandarin, freesia, tuberose, sweet plum, vanilla bean, and musk

Main Street Pastries * – cranberry, citrus orange, coconut milk, and vanilla bean

Mediterranean Fig – Moroccan fig, honey, musk, and apricots

Melon Mist – watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melons

Merlot – cherry, berry, and oak

Mermaid Kisses – apple, jasmine, rose, woodsy, and musk

Mexican Fried Ice Cream – vanilla bean, butter whipped cream, toasted nuts, and cinnamon

Midnight Lavender – lavender, violets, roses, vanilla, and musk

Morphine – cedarwood, caramel, Egyptian musk, vanilla, and eucalyptus


Nag Champa – patchouli, sandalwood, and dragon’s blood

Naked – no fragrance

Nevermore – berries, pears, pineapples, eucalyptus, juniper berries, spruce, Douglass fir, cedar, and white musk

Nightingale – white peach, peony, mimosa flowers, sandalwood, mandarin, neroli, lily, and musk

Nostalgia – strawberry, vanilla beans, soft musk, bubble gum, jasmine, and red cherries


Oatmeal Milk & Honey – oats, creamy butter, sweet milk, honey, cinnamon, and brown sugar

Old Paperback * TBD

Orange Mocha – orange, coffee, cream, chocolate, vanilla, and marshmallow

Orange Patchouli – orange, herbal patchouli

Orange Vanilla – orange, vanilla


Passion Fruit – pineapple, peaches, oranges, strawberries, coconut, musky vanilla, and floral

Passionfruit Rose – pineapple, peaches, oranges, strawberries, coconut, musky vanilla, floral, and rose

Patchouli Vanilla – herbal patchouli, vanilla

Peaches & Cream – ripened peaches, buttercream, and vanilla

Peach Rose – ripened peach, red rose

Pecan Passion – pecan, maple, cinnamon, caramel, and cream

Peppermint Patty – peppermint, vanilla, and dark chocolate

Pillow Talk – amber, pomegranate, black orchid, lotus blossom, violets, and mahogany woods

Pineapple Mint – fresh cut pineapple, mint leaves

Pineapple Promise – fresh cut pineapple

Pink Lemonade – juicy-tart lemony-lime

Pink Lily & Jasmine – red apples, melon, strawberry, water lily, and wild jasmine

Pink Sapphire – raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, roses, cherries, vanilla, coconut, amber, and musk

Pink Silver Bells – raspberries, sweet orange, douglas fir, pomegranate, clove, vanilla, woods, and tonka beans

Pink Sugar – strawberry, bergamot, raspberry, honey, and fig leaves

Pink Vanilla Sweets – strawberries, raspberries, peach blossom, rose petals, vanilla, and amber

Pistachio Ice Cream – pistachio, caramel, and vanilla

Pomegranate – freshly sliced pomegranate

Princess – sweet pears, peaches, light musk, and baby powder

Pumpkin Cheesecake – cardamom, ground cinnamon, Vermont maple, pumpkin puree, carrot, whipped cream, rum, cream cheese, caramelized sugar, and French vanilla

Pumpkin & Lavender – pumpkin pie, spice, lavender, violets, and musk

Pumpkin Marshmallow – pumpkin pie, marshmallow

Pumpkin Patch * – pumpkin puree, nutmeg, vanilla, and buttered rum

Pumpkin Pie Spice – pumpkin pie, spice


Queen of Tarts * – sweet tart candy


Raspberry Godiva Truffles – sparkling raspberry, wild currants, vanilla bean, white chocolate, chocolate creme, and plumberry wine

Raspberry Lemonade – raspberry, lemonade

Red Velvet – chocolate cake, cocoa, butter cream, and sweet cream cheese

Rosemary Mint – rosemary, cool peppermint, and spearmint leaves

Rose Quartz – fresh rose petals, orange zest, grapefruit, light jasmine, sandalwood, and musk

Rum Spice – citrus, rum, and spice


Sandalwood – sandalwood, cedar, rose, and jasmine

Sandalwood Dream – sandalwood, cedar, rose, jasmine, and vanilla

Sandalwood Patchouli – eucalyptus, sandalwood, patchouli with essences of cinnamon, tonka, clove, and amber

Sangria – fruit, spices

Santa’s Grinch – glazed apples, vanilla bean, apple butter, sweet caramel, nutmeg

Satsuma – orange, lime, mango, peach, mandarin, jasmine, and orange flowers

Secret Journal – lily of the valley, violets, grapefruit, kiwi, lime, and lemon

September – berries, blooming jasmine, vanilla, white musk, and rare woods

Sexy As Sin – gardenia, tuberose, sweet vanilla, and exotic musk

Simple Susan – no color, no fragrance

Sinful Gourmet – amber, resin, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, and cocoa

Sinister – pipe smoke, honey, incense, eucalyptus, musk, amber, and mandarin

Sleepy Hollow – moss, patchouli, sandalwood, white musk, amber, eucalyptus, and mandarin

Smoke & Honey – honey, leather, and sweet tobacco smoke

Snickerdoodle – cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla

Snow Cone – lemon, lime, red cherries, and sweet watermelon

Snow Kitty – peppermint leaf, huckleberries, vanilla, marshmallow, white florals, and violets

Spicy Chai – chai, vanilla, caramel, and spice

Spicy Nog – eggnog, butter rum, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and buttercream

Spicy Vanilla Chai – vanilla chai, caramel, and cinnamon spice

Strange Love – sandalwood, musk, oak moss, bergamot, grapefruit, white floral, and violets

Strawberry Angel Cake – strawberries, cake, and buttercream

Strawberry Milkshake – fresh strawberries, vanilla extract, vanilla ice cream, and malted milk

Strawberry Rapture – strawberries, vanilla, jasmine, and bubble gum

Sugar Corn Pudding – sweet corn, creamy buttery notes with hints of milk and sugar

Sugared Strawberries – strawberries, powdered sugar

Sugar Skull – strawberry, baby powder, bergamot, fig leaves, and sandalwood

Sweet Pumpkin Spice – pumpkin pie, cinnamon, ginger, brown sugar, and whipped cream

Sweet Watermelon – fresh cut watermelon


Tantrum – bourbon, vanilla, woody, cocoa, cherry, pecan, and musk

Tea Cookies – sweet cake dough, toasted almonds, vanilla extract, sweet butter, drizzled chocolate

Tea Tree & Mint – eucalyptus, spearmint

Tea with Earl *  – earl grey tea, vanilla, ginger root, crisp apples, anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves

Tea with Emily – white tea, white musk, sweet berries, soft ginger, nutmeg, yuzu, and smoky woods

Teakwood & Cardamom – cedar, cardamom, cinnamon, sandalwood, patchouli, and amber

Thanksgiving Feast – butternut squash, pumpkin pie, toasted marshmallows, candied yams, and zucchini Bread

The Dean’s Office * – tobacco leaf, honey, leather, cherry wood, cedar wood and a touch of vanilla bean

Toasted Marshmallow – marshmallow, campfire smoke

Toffee Smoke – tobacco, honey, musk, mandarin, amber, rose, and caramel

True Gardenia – floral blend of gardenia, and jasmine

Twisted Leather – leather, chocolate, sandalwood, and frankincense

Typsy Gypsy – absinthe


Unicorn Toots * – pink berries, sugar cane, tonka beans, bergamot, and musk


Vanilla Bean – vanilla, vanilla bean

Vanilla Mint – vanilla, peppermint

Vanilla Sandalwood – vanilla, sandalwood, cedar, rose, and jasmine

Vanilla Woodsmoke – burning woods, French vanilla, and soft lavender

Vintage – vintage, old perfume, floral, and rusty

Vivian – sweet sugar, warm musk, jasmine, and lilac


Wallflower * – powdery lavender, lilac, and hyacinth

War of the Roses – Turkish rose, citrus, and tonka beans

Water Lily & Jasmine – water lilies, jasmine, tangerine, and orange

Wax Works * – honey, soft musk, bergamot, toffee and sweet orange

Wedding Cake – white cake, buttery almond, Madagascar, and creamy icing

Whimsical Wedding * – apricot, pear, orchid, sandalwood, vanilla bean, and white musk

Whisper – apple blossom, rose petals, and lily of the valley

White Chocolate – white chocolate, cocoa beans, and rich cream

White Musk – white ginger, amber

Wild Honeysuckle – flowers, herbs and spices

Wild Lavender – lavender buds

Wild Strawberry – strawberry, citrus, and vanilla

Winter’s Tale – sandalwood, patchouli, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, and peppermint