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Featured Products: Cherry Almond Whipped Soap, Calendula & Chamomile Cleansing Grains, Butter Beer Lip Balm, Immortal Glycerin Soap Bar, Lemongrass Milk Salt Mine Whipped Shampoo, Skin Food Nourishing Facial Balm, Black Drawing Salve and Insane Vanilla Body Butter Cream.


Product Review by JenMakeupDollxo

Jen had the pleasure of reviewing several of our products, checkout her video if you want to learn more about Belle & Blaire products.

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Thank you Jen for your kind review of our products.

You may check out all of Jen’s reviews on her YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/JenMakeupDollxo.

Soap Opera Whipped Shampoo Feedback

Customer feedback like this is always encouraging, especially when the product is compared with a popular brand. pinkmintfudgesoapoperashampoo2_500

OMG!! This stuff is amazing! I like it better then Wen. My hair has an extra softness to it after one use that with other shampoos. I will be buying more. It’s already on my Christmas list to buy for friends and family. If I ever get into Baltimore I will visit shop in person. Thank you!!!
HOB – June 1, 2012

Pink Mint Fudge Soap Opera Whipped Shampoo is for normal hair that isn’t dry or oily. This shampoo will keep normal hair healthy and shining with body and bounce! Once you try this shampoo, you will not look back! The shampoo fragrance can be custom made to order. The Soap Opera Shampoo can be paired with the Hydrate Conditioner or The Norm Conditioner.

Shampoo & Conditioner Clearance

shampoo conditioner clearance

To make room for new products, we have slashed the price of our original collection of shampoo & conditioners to $4.00 each. The remaining inventory is limited, so don’t miss out on this amazing deal!

* The Soap Opera Whipped Shampoo – Coconut Lime Verbena scented shampoo is for normal hair that isn’t dry or oily. This shampoo will keep your already normal hair healthy and shining with body and bounce!

* Salt Mine Whipped Shampoo – Strawberry & Lemon fragrance shampoo is recommended for oily hair. Use with The Norm Conditioner for fantastic results. This product is not intended for dry or damaged hair.

* The Norm Conditioner – Strawberry Cupcake fragrance conditioner is for normal hair. This will keep the hair protected from future damage while maintaining silky and easy to manage hair.

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Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo & Conditioner Collection on Etsy

We are excited about the tremendous feedback from our customers about Creamy Lentils Whipped Shampoo. This gentle shampoo contains lentils which is known to be nourishing to the hair. In India, women would soak lentils over night and wash their hair with them the next day. Creamy Lentils is excellent for hydration and high shine, which also gives the hair body while it conditions.

As a companion, the Hydrate Conditioner is for dry moisture starved hair. After applying a small amount to lubricate your strands, Hydrate will leave your hair healthy without a filmy residue. Also, use as a detangler for unmanageable wet hair.