The little things

With all the wondering I do about the business, it’s nice to receive an unexpected note from a customer that confirms the hours I spend creating products and making customer service a priority is worth the time and effort.

May 19, 2012

Tyra, I need to send you a note to thank you for creating such amazing, quality and reasonably priced products. I also want you to know you are such a wonderful, terrific seller, very customer-oriented and very professional.

I feel like a special customer every time I transact business or buy from you, from start (ordering) to finish (delivery). I look forward to order more butter creams (would like to have a collection of all scents) and bath bombs! I am not sure if I told you your bath bombs are to die for, my bath tub experience will never be without it!

Again, thank you for making my buying experience a bliss! More power to you and your business!


Pink Sugar Bath and Body Scent

Ooh La La! This fragrance is light and sweet with a touch of bergamot, strawberry, cotton candy, orange, raspberry and fig leaves. It’s a very delightful and feminine scent. Braquel’s Bathroom carries the whipped soap, bath bomb and body oil in the Pink Sugar scent! *Tyra