New lip balms on the way


This picture is an old supply of lip balms we recently removed from the online store. After re-testing the lip balms it was decided that they should be improved to make a smoother balm. The new and improved lip balms will feature old favorites Cherry Berry and Coconut, Milk & Honey as well as new flavors: Hazelnut Latte, Sugared Strawberries, Marshmallow Fluff, and Iced Pineapple & Tangerine.

We’re excited about the new lip balms and they will be available for sale later this week.

End of year, new year

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tyra working new year

Hello there, it’s Bre again (Tyra’s sister) and we can’t believe there’s only a few hours left in 2011. As the year comes to a close, Tyra and I have learned fast that planning, starting and growing a new online business requires a tremendous amount hard work and patience, but it’s still thrilling and rewarding nonetheless.

Having said that, here at the BB (our unofficial nickname, lol) we have plans, LOTS of plans in the works for 2012 and we’re anxiously awaiting the right time to share them with you. First on the agenda is getting Tyra familiar with the WordPress blog so she can start sharing her thoughts and ideas about the products she’s creating. Yay Tyra!

In the meantime, here’s a peek into Tyra’s work area as she prepares to make the newest cold process soap for the upcoming mens line that will be revealed in the new year.

Thanks for reading, and have a safe and Happy New Year!

Our new tumblr

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Introducing our new virtual thank you notes on Tumblr.

Virtual thank you note on Tumblr

This is our way of saying thank you to customers for supporting our new online store while using an extremely active social network to feature recently sold products and possibly attract new customers. More on this project later if it bears the expected fruit.

Sneak Peek: Warm Oats


Here’s a sneak peek of our second cold process soap, Warm Oats. It was made on Dec. 14th and it will be ready for sale on Jan. 14th. Warm Oats is made with grounded oatmeal, whole oats & vanilla bean powder; scented with milk & honey and a touch of orange sherbert fragrance oils. We believe you will love this soap as the oatmeal will relieve dryness while restoring the natural moisture of your skin.

We can’t wait to share this soap with you!

Until Warm Oats are ready for sale, check out our first cold process soap Eucalyptus Olive Oil Soap. It’s a great bar of soap to lather up in when you feel a cold coming on or when you want to simply relax your body & senses with a therapeutic bath soap before bedtime.

Now the real work begins

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Hello, Bre here… I’m Tyra’s sister and my job is to manage the website. I’m also supporting Tyra with marketing products online as well as locally in and around the Baltimore area.

Getting to this point has required months of planning, research, and hours of trial & error soap making on Tyra’s part. While she was in her creative element of making the next best bath & body product, I started setting up this website. I spent countless hours testing WP shopping cart plugins and theme designs to make an aesthetically pleasing website with a user friendly online store. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to realize that my limited skillset will only get me but so far and I needed help without having to spend money to hire someone to create an online store or pay for a monthly subscription e-commerce system. As Tyra got closer to completing the product line, I needed a simple, but affordable (free) solution to manage an online store.

That brings us to Storenvy. I’m not sure how I found the site, but I remember glancing over it one night last summer without giving it much thought and then bookmarking it as I do with most websites that are relevant to my current interests. With the pressure of not having the website up & running after months of trying to figure it all out, I gave Storenvy a second look earlier this month and it turned out to be almost everything I was looking for in an online store service:

  • No setup fees, no monthly fees, no listing fees, no transaction fees – Check!
  • Upload unlimited products for free – Check!
  • Easily customizable templates (even with my limited coding skills) – Check!
  • Order management, stats, inventory tracking, discount codes and more – Check!
  • Flexibility to sell products without restrictions – Check!
  • It’s free – SOLD!

Learning everything that Storenvy has to offer re-energized my efforts to finish setting up the website again. I am most excited about the Facebook app which imports the store’s products onto a fb fan page, then Tyra can share products with her network and possibly grow a following of potential customers. We’re also considering the custom domain feature for a small fee of $4.99 a month, but it’s not necessary until the store has consistent sales so the cost can pay for itself. In the meantime, I am satisfied with the setup we have now – linking the store from the main website. Now if I can figure out how to make the main website and store design seamless, I’d be a very happy lady.

With the details of setting up a flexible online store behind us, the real work of driving people to the store to buy products is just beginning.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo & Conditioner Collection on Etsy

We are excited about the tremendous feedback from our customers about Creamy Lentils Whipped Shampoo. This gentle shampoo contains lentils which is known to be nourishing to the hair. In India, women would soak lentils over night and wash their hair with them the next day. Creamy Lentils is excellent for hydration and high shine, which also gives the hair body while it conditions.

As a companion, the Hydrate Conditioner is for dry moisture starved hair. After applying a small amount to lubricate your strands, Hydrate will leave your hair healthy without a filmy residue. Also, use as a detangler for unmanageable wet hair.

Natural Oils and Butters

Braquel’s Bathroom products contain the following natural oils and butters:

  • Olive oil – Softens skin and attracts external moisture to your skin. It helps keep your skin soft, supple and younger looking.
  • Jojoba oil – Excellent emollient for skin conditions like psoriasis, because it has a chemical composition very close to the skin’s own sebum. It is suitable for all skin types and beneficial for spotty and acne conditions.
  • Castor oil – Attracts and holds moisture in the skin.
  • Avocado oil – Contains vitamins A, D, and E, which makes it healing as well as moisturizing.
  • Grapeseed oil –  A lightweight oil that absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving a heavy greasy feeling.
  • Coconut oil – Great for very oily skin.
  • Palm oil – Cleans well and is also mild. Palm oil is universal and used in many expensive luxury soaps.
  • Sweet almond oil – A great moisturizer and helps condition the skin.
  • Tea tree oil – Great for soothing dry and flaky skin.
  • Vitamin E oil – Good for skin aging, dry skin, sunburns, and scars.
  • Cocoa butter – An excellent skin softener with a natural chocolate scent.
  • Shea butter – Great for nourishing extremely dry skin.

Pink Sugar Bath and Body Scent

Ooh La La! This fragrance is light and sweet with a touch of bergamot, strawberry, cotton candy, orange, raspberry and fig leaves. It’s a very delightful and feminine scent. Braquel’s Bathroom carries the whipped soap, bath bomb and body oil in the Pink Sugar scent! *Tyra

My featured products

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Here’s a list of products I plan to feature in my online store. I can’t wait to share them with you! *Tyra

Whipped Soaps
Bar Soaps
Sugar Scrubs
Body Oils
Bath Bombs
Lip Balms
Body Butters

My experience

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Have you ever visited Great place to visit to buy handmade products. There are so many talented sellers on there. I have seen sellers who are selling paintings, clothing for babies, hats, shoes, jewelry, and more! After my lovely affair with Etsy, I cannot wait to go back. I am addicted! One thing I can say is that I am proud to have supported the Etsy sellers. They are some fantastic people and extremely creative in their field of work!:) *Tyra

Preparing to open my online store

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I’m not sure the date of my official opening, but I have gotten a lot of things in place for opening my online soap business.  So far I have spent many months perfecting my products as well as taking pictures of the products and creating descriptions. My sister is currently working on the main website For now I will use this blog to accompany the main website to give periodic updates about the business.  Thank you for reading and check back often. *Tyra

Natural Body Care Line

I am a passionate and creative person who enjoys making natural bath and body products for the natural lovers. I have created an impressive line of products that have been made from scratch. I use the best quality ingredients using organic herbs, spices, oils and butters. Some of my products are also 100% vegan! My products do not contain any parabens, petroleum, lanolin, or mineral oils. I use skin safe coloring and fragrance oil. I believe in giving my customers the best skin care line without all of the extra harsh chemicals that come along with a lot of products out there today! My website will be posted soon, along with an link to purchase my products. I am also a proud member of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, Inc. Thank you for visiting this site. Please come back for more information that will be available real soon! *Tyra

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