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Bella Yoni Feminine Care

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for womb or vagina and, loosely translated, means “sacred place.”

For most people, personal hygiene includes monotonous activities such as brushing, flossing, bathing, and deodorizing – and that is all. However, personal hygiene is so much more. As a woman, special care should be placed on feminine hygiene care. The only time we really think about our vaginas is when we’re on our period or having sex, but as women, it’s our center point. Treat it with care. – Introducing our line of natural feminine care products made for cleansing, soothing, and balancing our body’s natural pH level.

Bella Yoni Soap Bar

Bella Yoni Cleansing Spray

Bella Feminine Powder Spray

Bella Yoni Oil

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