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  • Alkanet & Hibiscus Moisturizing Lip Tint


    Alkanet & Hibiscus Moisturizing Lip Tint is a natural lip stain made with alkanet root, hibiscus flower, and beetroot extract that gives a beautiful natural tint. Enjoy the subtle fruity and minty taste while the natural butter and oils to moisturize the lips. Displays in dark red and will give a nice natural pink shade for pale and darker toned lips when applied.

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  • Black Drawing Salve


    This black drawing herbal salve is formulated to draw out impurities, poisons and toxins. It is recommended for poison ivy, allergic reactions on the skin, skin infections, bug bites, wasp stings, scrapes and scratches.The black color is activated from the charcoal powder, which pulls the toxins, poisons and other impurities from the skin.

    Everyone will benefit from having this black drawing salve as part of their first aid kit. Easy to use and made with only natural ingredients.

  • Helichrysum & Tamanu Wound Healing Salve


    Helichrysum & Tamanu Wound Healing Salve is an all-natural and vegan skin salve formulation made to speed the natural healing of cuts, scratches, and burns. This natural wound healing salve will work to prevent scarring after trauma to the skin. Also recommended for the healing of eczema scars and to promote healing after a fresh tattoo.

    The individual benefits of the ingredients in this salve work together for superior results.

  • Oregano Anti-Fungal Skin Salve


    The oregano oil found in Oregano Anti-Fungal Skin Salve is a powerful, plant-derived essential oil that is chock full of the most effective anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties to treat and prevent various infections.