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  • Balance – Moonstone Blue Tansy & Yarrow Moisturizing Body Oil


    Moonstone Blue Tansy & Yarrow Moisturizing Body Oil provides an overall moisture that is exquisite. Made with essential oils that promotes relaxation and a better night’s rest. You will be amazed by the calming and therapeutic benefits of blue tansy, yarrow and ylang ylang combined. Also recommended to use as an all over body massage oil. A little goes a long way!

  • Bella Yoni Cleansing Spray


    Give yourself an instant feeling of freshness with our Bella Yoni Cleansing Spray. It will keep your delicate lady parts fresh and pH balanced anytime when you need to refresh. The mist is also a perfect way to help you feel fresher during your menstrual cycle.

  • Chamomile Milk Gentle Facial Foaming Cleanser


    This is a coconut milk-based cleanser that is very gentle and moisturizing for dry, combination skin to balance the complexion. This moisturizing face wash will form a light conditioning lather.

  • Magnesium Spray Ultra Strength


    Boost your magnesium level with our Magnesium Spray Ultra Strength. Formulated for topical use for immediate absorption when sprayed and massaged into the skin helping to promote natural relaxation and overall well being.