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9 New Cleansing Grains


Made with 100% pure natural plant ingredients, our cleansing grains will nourish and polish your skin while leaving it with a natural glow and feeling baby soft.

9 Cleaning Grains: Ayurvedic Herbal Glowing Cleansing Grains, Bee Pollen & Honey Cleansing Grains, Berry Superfood Cleansing Grains, Calendula & Chamomile Cleansing Grains, Chocolatte Cleansing Grains, Cinnamon & Rice Milk Cleansing Grains, Coconut Milk & Rose Cleansing Grains, Honey & Almond Cleansing Grains, Matcha Green Tea Cleansing Grain

Available to buy at https://belleandblaire.com/product-category/skin-care/facial-care/cleansing-grains/.

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