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Shampoo & Conditioner Clearance

shampoo conditioner clearance

To make room for new products, we have slashed the price of our original collection of shampoo & conditioners to $4.00 each. The remaining inventory is limited, so don’t miss out on this amazing deal!

* The Soap Opera Whipped Shampoo – Coconut Lime Verbena scented shampoo is for normal hair that isn’t dry or oily. This shampoo will keep your already normal hair healthy and shining with body and bounce!

* Salt Mine Whipped Shampoo – Strawberry & Lemon fragrance shampoo is recommended for oily hair. Use with The Norm Conditioner for fantastic results. This product is not intended for dry or damaged hair.

* The Norm Conditioner – Strawberry Cupcake fragrance conditioner is for normal hair. This will keep the hair protected from future damage while maintaining silky and easy to manage hair.

Not sure about our shampoos & conditioners? Checkout our customer reviews. Or contact us directly with questions.

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