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A learning experience

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An update of our first event at Stevenson University is long overdue. Despite having over 2 months to plan and prepare, we spent most of Friday night finishing up a few last minute details — and when I say a few, I mean a lot of details that were left undone until the night before the event. It was poor planning on our part and it’s safe to say that we will never do that again! Some lessons were learned from this event and we believe the experience will make our future events better.

It took us nearly an hour to set up because we had so much product to unpack and organize. I’ve been eying this Neu Home Can Organizer from Walmart. Loading up the racks at home and then securing the products for transport will save us loads of prep time and it will keep for a more organized display table.

Whipped Body Cleansers

We lost a couple of sales due to not accepting credit cards. Tyra and I had discussions on how to accept credit/debit card orders, but for some reason or another neither of us researched the matter thoroughly. It wasn’t until an hour into the event we noticed the jewelry vendor across from us take a credit card order using a device that was attached to her smart phone. I rushed over to her to get the 411 and after I made it a priority to get a Square Card Reader for future events. Smart phone technology is amazing!

Handcrafted Cold Process Soaps

Our shampoos & conditioners continued to be popular items, but the cold process soaps received a lot of attention and that was very encouraging. Tyra put in a lot of time and effort into make these wonderfully scented cured soaps and it was satisfying to receive positive feedback by way of sales and compliments.
For our first time out, we presented the products well and had okay sales considering the turnout was low due to a rainy day. We covered the cost of one table and counted the second table as a loss. Though we did not come out on top, the lessons learned were invaluable.

We’re excited for more shows and events this year! We will post them under upcoming events as they are scheduled.


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