Moonstone Blue Tansy Face Balm


Moonstone Blue Tansy Face Balm is not to be taken lightly. The Blue Tansy oil contained in this special facial balm is an expensive and a very rare oil that is highly sought after in the skin care industry. The oil is gaining significant popularity because of the many healing, regenerating and therapeutic benefits it provides.

The healing properties of Blue Tansy essential oil comes from the azulene pigment that gives the oil its striking sapphire color. The high quality of Blue Tansy oil has the ability to help heal skin wounds and conditions that include burns, blisters, acne, boils, dermatitis, eczema and rashes.

Organic Blue Tansy, also known as Moroccan Chamomile, is a highly curative oil that has real tissue regenerating abilities. Its botanical aroma properties makes for a lovely scent and will promote relaxation and a feeling of ease; however, the real power of this deep blue oil is in its therapeutic effectiveness. As an anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory remedy, Blue Tansy oil is particularly useful for people with asthma, emphysema, pet or indoor allergies and anyone in need of respiratory support.

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