Excessive Shedding Hair Repair Serum
Excessive Shedding Hair Repair Serum

Plant Based Hair Repair Serum for dry, damaged, frizzy and color treated hair.

This unique hair and scalp oil will restore and hydrate delicate, dry, color treated and damaged hair with our 100% natural and organic oil blend. The oil combinations in this formula will leave your hair smoother with more moisture, shine, and a beautiful glossy mane without weighing it down. This oil was formulated to stop excessive shedding and regrow healthy beautiful hair.

How to use: For a pre-shampoo treatment, apply 1 to 3 dropper fulls into your palm and distribute throughout your hair and scalp. Wait about 30 minutes to an hour before washing your hair. Use two to three times a week for color treated and relaxed/permed hair, and at least once a week for dry, damaged or frizzy hair. You will see results!

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If you have a specific question about this product as it relates to your hair needs, please send an email to info@belleandblaire.com.

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