Natural alternative to the flu shot


This article reminded me of the natural, home remedy I started making last year to stave off flu-like symptoms the moment I start to feel under the weather. It’s a strong drink to taste and smell, but it works like a charm every time.

Chop up equal parts of the following ingredients, raw garlic, raw ginger, and raw onion; add it to a half cup of water then add a dash or two of red hot pepper. Dump it into a blender and blend until it’s smooth enough to drink. Pour out 3 tablespoons, about the amount of a shot and then drink. Chase it with water to help dull the strong taste. Take one more tablespoon before bed and you’ll wake up the following morning feeling like yourself again.

Health and Wellness

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fruits-veggies-herbs-collageIn an effort to evolve the blog beyond sharing bath and body products and the ups and downs of growing an online home-based business, I will share a little more about my background and interests. One of my biggest interests over the last several years, other than growing my bath and body business, is health and wellness as it pertains to holistic health.

I am an advocate of using fruits & vegetables and herbs & spices as a natural source to heal what ails us internally and externally. I will write about recipes, home remedies from personal experience, and share articles I find online that promotes holistic health and wellness. Of course, sharing my bath and body products will remain the number one focus of the blog, but it’s time to add more content that will be a benefit to others while having an outlet to share more about my efforts to maintain a holistic lifestyle.

Wax Tart Melts Exclusively at Etsy

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wax tart melts promo

Scented wax tarts will fill your home with an aroma that will please your senses.

How to use:
Pop the tart out of the container and place it in your potpourri or tart warmer. You will have enough to break a wax tart into smaller pieces to use more than once. Each wax tart will provide approximately 10 -12 hours of delicious fragrance!

Available scents on Etsy:
Coconut Lime Verbena, Cotton Candy, Creme Brulee, Fruity Rings, Satsuma, Strawberry Frost and Sweet Cookie Dough. You will love these scents!

Perfume Oil Giveaway

perfume oil giveaway

Enter to win 1 of 4 perfume oils by participating in our exclusive giveaway on Facebook. The giveaway will run from Saturday, 10/5 thru Saturday, 10/19. The drawing will be held on Sunday, 10/20. Winners will be notified via direct message on Facebook.

To participate, ‘Like’ Belle & Blaire Handmade on Facebook or confirm ‘Like’ status for existing fans. For a bonus entry, rate the perfume oils from most intriguing (1) to least intriguing (4). The rating will allow us to send each winner their highest rated perfume oil that is available.

Click on the links below to learn more about each perfume oil:

Crazy Cute Perfume Oil

Green Tea Perfume Oil

Lettuce & Sweet Orange Perfume Oil

Vintage Perfume Oil


If you have a question or concern, please contact me directly here or by direct message on Facebook. -Tyra

Disclaimer: This giveaway is applicable to U.S. residents only. No purchase necessary to enter or win. This promotion is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.

New Products on Etsy

Check out new scents recently added to our Etsy Shop.

Gently cleanse with our Whipped Soaps

whipped soap

Doodlebug Whipped Soap
A blend of sweet peppermint goodness with huckleberries, strawberry lollipops, marshmallow & white lilies

Fantasy Pear Whipped Soap
Simply a succulent blend of juicy pears and vanilla cream

Rapunzel Whipped Soap
Enjoy this combination of sweet strawberries, vanilla bean, and bubblegum with a hint of soft musk, jasmine, and peony petals to round off this original scent

Moisturize with our Body Butter Creams

Doodle Bug Body Butter Cream

doodlebug bbc
This thoughtful mix of peppermint, huckleberries, strawberries, marshmallow and white lilies fragrance will take you back to your childhood

Fantasy Pear Body Butter Cream
fantasy pear bbc
A pleasantly sweetened, fruity and delicious combination of juicy pear and creamy vanilla

Rapunzel Body Butter Cream – Strawberry, Vanilla Beans, Soft Musk, Bubble Gum, Jasmine & Red Cherries
rapunzel bbc
Enjoy this combination of sweet strawberries, vanilla bean, and bubblegum with a hint of soft musk, jasmine, and peony petals to round off this original scent

Belle Victorian Body Butter Cream
belle victorian bbc
A timeless, delicate scent inspired by flowers; made of musk, floral, citrus, fresh powder & woody amber

Product Review by JenMakeupDollxo

Jen had the pleasure of reviewing several of our products, checkout her video if you want to learn more about Belle & Blaire products.

You may find all these fine products on Belle & Blaire @Etsy:

Thank you Jen for your kind review of our products.

You may check out all of Jen’s reviews on her YouTube Channel at

Natural Organics Line: Cold Process Soaps

natural organics line

Check out our new Cold Process Soaps featured under the Natural Organics Line of body products.

Our natural bar soaps contains pure essential oils, natural plant oils and butters thoughtfully formulated to richly nourish your skin. Our natural organic soaps are free of artificial oils, synthetics, animal oils and artificial coloring; just wholesome natural ingredients. We proudly list every ingredient because we believe that you have the right to know what you are applying to your body.

Typically, our cold process soaps cure for at least 4 to 6 weeks. The longer the soap sits to cure, the better quality bar of soap you will experience. Having reached the minimum of 4 weeks of curing, our soaps will be ready to use at the time of order.

For more information, check out our full collection of Cold Process Soaps exclusively at Belle and Blaire Handmade Bath and Body.

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